How safe are my things stored?
Our safes are of the latest technology available on the market and are used in several bank vaults internationally. We work with weight sensors, motion detectors, vibration alarms, fingerprints, special keys, security locks, bulletproof windows, reinforced wall-to-ceiling floors, temperature changes, sensor alarms and camera surveillance. In our premises, we also have a panic button in case something should happen.

We constantly work to secure and secure the customer's valuables. Valvet cooperates with approved security consultants both in Sweden and internationally, which means that we can offer the customer the highest security for their valuables. The vault's staff has no spare keys to the safe deposit box.

Of course, we always work with confidentiality, which means that the customer is always incognito.

Shell protection
The vault is protected by a security-classified entrance. The premises have security locks that only Valvet's legitimate customers and staff can get through.
The value compartments are located in a highly qualified vault with the latest high-tech equipment in security.

How is the surveillance?
The entire Valvet is monitored 24/7 with the latest high-tech equipment to ensure that your valuables are safe and secure with us at Valvet.

We have visible and hidden surveillance cameras that monitor our premises in Valvet 24/7.

Each customer receives 2 keys to their safe deposit box and access card to enter the Vault. The staff does not handle any extra keys to the safes. Lost keys cost SEK 2,000 and a new lock is fitted.

Can I as customer come in anytime?
As standard customer with us we have manned opening hours.

As VIP-customer applies Solna Centrums opening hours
An appointment need to be made for unmanned opening hours.

Can there be other customers in Valvet when I'm there?
No, we only allow 1 person at a time on our premises.

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